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How To Detox Your Life

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Written by Naturopathic Physician Quillå Xi Berry to help you learn how to once and for all Detox Your Life.

Ixchelation Publications teaches you How To Detox Your Life by walking you through the functions of the various systems of the body and the processes they all play regarding your state of health. This book engages you in learning about deeper levels of cleansing and regenerating allowing you to repair your organs, tissues and cells of destructive pathogens. Many times we are told how to treat the symptoms but never the root cause of the disease.  Learn how to locate, address, and ultimately fix the actual problem.  We remove any confusion and make it plain what you need to do to heal your body.  Once you read this amazing book, you will have the power to make transformative changes within your life in your mind, body, and spirit.

Have you tried to detox and lose weight many times before before failing? No one reliable? Haven't been taught about what health actually is? Are you sick and tired of fad diets? Doctors not giving you any solutions? Insurance and medical bills piling up? Tried alkaline diets and still found yourself sick? Do you tire of trying to figure out what causes sickness in your life?

If you have ever been plagued by sickness directly or by watching loved ones suffer, buy our book and finally find out what healthy living feels like. Consider this book your personal guide on the path towards becoming the most amazing version of you there has ever been.

Your purchase today is the biggest and easiest step you will ever have to take in your life.

For once and for all Detox Your Life!

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