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How To Become An Expert In Essential Oils

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STOP! The definitive guidebook for learning how to become the expert on essential oils is right HERE brought to you by Ixchelation! Look no further for everything you have been searching for to cure what ails you can be found in the soul of a plant. The ESSENCE of the plant is available in the concentrated form we have come to recognize in these modern times as ESSENTIAL OILS!

Topics range from the various forms of oils to the type of methods used and what each oil is useful for as well as the precautions people should take and much, much, more! Pick up your copy today and start learning ALL ABOUT ESSENTIAL OILS. Perfect for those who want to open up a business or heal themselves from various ailments!

Experienced in the formation of essential oils and resins to cure various ailments. Questions About our product? Reach us here 404-480-2399 and also [email protected]

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A. SUBTITLE The Must Have Essential Oil Guidebook 2020
D. PAGES 211
E. SUPPORT EMAIL [email protected]
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