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Believe in YOU!

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My name is Brandon Berry and I used to have a very poor mindset. I was a habitual liar, superficial and a coward among other things. These are all things I didn't want to admit to myself because to everyone around me, I had it all together. Well, eventually I did something about my shortcomings and committed to working on myself full force (with the help of my lovely wife). The thing is that my shortcomings all came from a mindset that I brought into adulthood. I had (and still have) big dreams that could not make it into reality without me changing. That motivated me to change. I wanted to be better for myself and my family. 


I took about 3 years dissecting every part of myself and trying to figure out how I could change to be the person I truly am. It was REALLY hard and REALLY uncomfortable, but extremely worth it. 


My purpose is to help people carry out their ultimate purpose on Earth, so that the world can become more harmonious and people can live fully in love. Changing my own mindset has put me in a position to fully carry out my purpose. Now, the 30 - day mindset makeover challenge will help you carry yours.

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